Superliving is a Danish design brand founded in 2009.

Behind Superliving is the married couple Anette Stabel and Jesper Binger. 
They both have a solid background in the design world and they love to work with shapes and colours.

You can clearly see that they are very much inspired by the organic shapes and colours from the 50`and 60` which is a signature in all their products.


Their aim is to make Scandinavian designproducts for a reasonable price so that everybody can enjoy them!


Apart from designing and producing Superliving products they run the very succesful Superlove lifestyle-shops in downtown Copenhagen. Don't forget to stop by if you are in Copenhagen!

Collection: Pendants, Table-, wall-, and floorlamps, textiles, tableware, trays, hooks and candlesticks.


Production in China, India and Sweden.

Superliving Catalogue Lighting

Superliving Catalogue Porcelain




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